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ปฏิทินการสอบ CEPT
Term & Conditions

Terms and Conditions for CEPT (Onsite at Prabtrijak Buildings)

1. Examination candidates must pay a THB 300 fee, according to Naresuan University Announcement regarding “The Registration Fee for Cambridge English Placement Test” for Naresuan University student issued on December 24th 2017 in either payment option as follows:
         1.1 Payment by cash at any KTB (Krungthai Bank) branch in Thailand to the current deposit account for “Naresuan University (Registration Fee for CEPT)”, Account Number 857-6-00060-1. There is a THB 10 for banking service fee.
         1.2 To get a full receipt for reimbursement, please make a payment at Division of International and Language Development, CITCOMS Building, Naresuan University only.
2. The application will be complete after a full payment has been paid to the university within the date and time set by Division of International and Language Development only.
3. If examination candidates are absent on the exam date for which they are registered, Division of International and Language Development will not refund the test fee nor reschedule for another exam. In addition, if examination candidates are absent for their non-fee test, they forfeit this option.
4. Division of International and Language Development reserves the rights to not refund the fees in all cases.
5. NU student can register for the CEPT only 1 time per month. (Choose 1 testing date and 1 round)
6. Regulations for test-takers
         - Test-takers must always wear a face mask during the test. If not wearing a face mask, will not be allowed to enter the testing room.
         - Test-takers must be measured a temperature before entering the test. If the body temperature exceeds 37.5 degrees Celsius, will not be allowed to enter the testing room.
         - Test-takers must dress appropriately and undergraduate students to dress in student clothes
         - Only 1 pen, student ID or national ID card and wired headphones (3.5 mm. or USB Only, Bluetooth device can not use) are allowed in the testing room. For other belongings, there will be no deposit service and will not be responsible for any loss at all.

Example type of wired headphones

         - Do not bring all electronic tools into the testing room. If detected in the testing room, Test-takers will lose the right to take the test immediately.
         - Not allowed to enter the testing room after 15 minutes from the test start time. In addition, if students do not come to take the test on the registered date and time, will be considered a waiver.

Cambridge English Placement Test Online Calendar by DIALD (July, 2024)
Details Registration Date Payment Date Seat and Room
Announcement Date
Testing Date Result Date
July 2024 July
1-15, 2024
or until
the seat is full
11-15, 2024
July 24, 2024
After 5 P.M.
on DIALD website
SAT. July 27, 2024 The result will be
given right
after the test.
SUN. July 28, 2024
Onsite at Prabtrijak Buildings
Registration date for graduate students starts from July 1, 2024 9 A.M.
Registration date for under-graduate students starts from July 3, 2024 9 A.M.
Remarks : DIALD reserves the rights to make changes to this schedule without prior notice.

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